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Hi, I'm Wayne, an experienced Information Systems manager, specializing in IT related services as well as Website Design / Development using the Webflow Platform.

I can help you with a variety of IT related issues, from deciding what IT solution would best achieve your end goals, to designing, building your business online presence.

The management of Information Systems is an investment in the success of your business.

Where would you like to begin?

A plumbing company and a restaurant both provide a service as their core business, yet they both have different business needs. All businesses follow Business Processes that suit their business needs. Information Systems is the development, implementation and maintenance of technology that enable you to meet your business needs.

The choice is obvious

Everything that relates to IT Management.

I will assist in guiding you in making your business functional at an affordable rate. Including an IT professional to provide guidance and assistance when needed. I will help you uncover your businesses true potential, then help you connect that value to a defined target audience to optimize conversions.

With every project, I offer streamlined communication, powerful project management and creative problem solving solutions with complete transparency and accuracy. Lets talk about how I can help you take your business where you want it to go.

Pricing Arrangements

I will help manage your Content, Images, Image Manipulation, Site Optimization, Search Engine Optimization, Site Marketing and I.T. related concerns.

General UI Design / Basic Design / Advanced Design
The difference between the packages offered comes down to number of pages and databases needed. Different page designs may also required more time. The more unique page designs usually determines what type of package you need.

Webflow Development (including CMS)
Basic Webflow development ensures that all your page content works responsively across different devices. I look at your sites content, apply standard SEO techniques which ensures the site is indexed with different search engines. Then its tested, debugged and posted live.

Standard Monthly Contracts (6 months minimum)
Most tasks can be addressed in a short space of time.  Give me a call, I will take care of it. This package will cover you for up to 4 hours a month, after which an hourly rate can be applied. Of course I would let you know ahead of time. No surprise costs.

Business Contracts (12 months min.)
Are you are looking for regular periodic assistance, the business contract covers you for up to 8 hours a month. If more time is needed, it can determined if this is a one-off or if an hourly rate needs to be applied.

Custom Contracts (minimum of 1 year is required)
You may want to be more flexible. Sign into a custom contract, get the Site Design, Site Development, CMS Hosting, Domain Name and a Maintenance Contract, all in one. Merging a monthly retainer with the cost of the site build, and paying for it over 12 months may just be the solution you need.

More about the solution process.